Planning a wedding can both be exhilirating and terrifying. So many things to consider, from the decor to the food, invitations, themes and venues, just as soon as you have thought of one thing, a million new options and questions arise! It can become quite daunting fast, and often you may find yourself loosing sight of the most important aspect of having a wedding in the first place: a celebration of love with family and friends!

So simplify things for yourself. Hire a planner, or get a wedding binder filled with useful lists and tips; it’s smart way to plan your wedding yourself. Slowly but surely check off all the items systematically! If you are brave enough perhaps you are even considering a destination wedding, and this comes with it’s own unique points to consider! How do you find all the vendors for each aspect of your wedding? Especially the things you need only on the wedding day, like flowers or music!

If you are doing all the planning alone or with help from friends and family, the internet is your best friend. Forage through sites like Pinterest, or better yet, use the suggested follow option on Instagram to source local vendors, trust me, there are plenty listed. If you don’t know the local lingo, use apps like google translate to help you translate hashtags so that you can search in the language of the country of your choice!  Now you can find local help to source your flores y musica!

At Shine Instrument Rental we have helped dozens of brides and grooms and even international wedding planners with making sure they have the right instruments available and ready for the musicians at the wedding. So the bridal couples dreams of walking down the aisle to acoustic guitar strumming or even flamenco can be realized! Everyone needs music at their wedding, and having it performed live just makes it that bit extra special. Renting instruments is a far easier and economic option for weddings, which are once-off events! You don’t have to worry about difficult flights lugging a guitar or even a piano around, when Shine Instrument Rental instruments can be delivered right to your venue.

Hiring instruments in Barcelona and the rest of Spain has never been quite as easy as this,  you can relax knowing that you have checked off an important item on your list. Enjoy a beautiful wedding while listening to your favourite classics or dancing the night away to a live band! Not only will your guests or clients be thrilled with the attention to detail, but instruments make a beautiful addtion to any photoshoot, why not include them in the wedding photos and make a unique collection of memories to last a life time!


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