Shine Instrument Rentals for School Children

Over the years we have literally taught thousands of children how to play a variety of instruments and have ample experience in keeping students engaged on their journey to learning an instrument.
The instrument rental service launched by Shine Music School is focused on giving families the flexibility and freedom to let their children blossom in the world of music.
When getting your child their first instrument you have 3 options which we explore in this article.

Questions this articles answers

  • Is your precious little one showing an interest in music?
  • Wondering how to get an instrument at a reasonable cost?
  • Not sure if he or she will continue with this latest interest?
  • What if they want to try out different instruments?
  • Not sure how rent with the option to buy works?
  • Maybe your child will want lessons outside of school?

1: Buy an instrument

Buying an instrument is a good idea when your child has been playing consistently for a period of time and is nagging you to buy them their own new instrument. A good problem to have. However if they are new to music you may want to give them the opportunity to try different instruments. Also there is the risk that they lose interest after a short period of time and you are stuck with an unused instrument.

2: Borrow an instrument from friends or family

This is an excellent option if you have a close friend or family member who has an instrument that is collecting dust. If you can borrow the instrument which your child happens to be interested in learning then of course go for it! It is a good starting point.

Our Students in Concert

3: Renting an instrument

This is a great flexible option. You can choose from many different instruments at a relatively low cost. Also if your child decides that they would, for example, prefer to play the guitar rather than the Clarinet you can make the change very easily.
What about the option to buy after the rental period? We got you covered. Firstly be aware that many rental companies who offer instrument rentals have hidden costs – so please carefully check before signing up to a rental agreement. We have structured our rentals to be as simple and as flexible as possible.   

Summary of our rental plan for children:

  • Minimum rental period is only a month. Cancellation must be given by the 20th of the month.  
  • Monthly rental cost can be added to the purchase of the instruments
  • What if you want to change or upgrade the instrument? The money accumulated on the first instrument will still be considered should you choose to buy the second instrument.  

Cost in Details

Below are details of how we charge for our rentals. If you find a better deal we’ll match it.
  • Monthly cost (Click to see Instrument costs – low, medium high)
  • 15% full school year discounts available
  • Option to buy: The first 4 monthly go toward purchasing the instrument.  
  • No deposit required for Schools
If you are interested in renting an instrument from Shine Music for you child please contact us.