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All you need to know about renting a Violin

Long associated with heartstring-quivering melodies of sorrow, the violin is a surprisingly versatile instrument, lending the haunting beauty of its resonance to many different moods and flavors of music, from stately orchestral marches, to relaxing chamber music, to lively folk songs from all over the world. Violins are a crucial element of any orchestra, but unlike many of their fellows, they can just as easily be enjoyed solo, with their melodic range and tremulous tones, complex and fascinating enough to require no accompaniment. If you’ve ever contemplated the study of music or walked into a music store, chances are good that you’ve found yourself fascinated by the delicate curves of a violin, the elegance of its scroll and purfling, and the portable, unassuming size that makes it an ideal take-anywhere companion. With many proud manufacturers, such as Knilling, Stentor, Cremona, Cecilio, and Mendini, creating violins according to the same classic design that has enthralled musicians and music lovers for centuries, it’s easy to get started recreating the enchantment of Mozart and Bach, or the dances of the emerald isle, or to strike out on your own journey of musical innovation.

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