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Saxophones may nowadays be synonymous with the marching band, classical orchestras and most especially Jazz, but they have had a varied history since their invention in Belgium in the early 1800s. Made famous by the likes of John Coltrane and Charlie Parker

The four most common are the baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and the soprano saxophone. The tenor sax is possibly the most popular saxophone being played today.

Saxophones are the only brass woodwind instruments, and bring together both sounds from the brass section to the woodwind section, balancing the orchestra. This is important role in classical music, but the Saxophone is probably most notable for its versatility in that it’s sound is often compared to that of the human voice, making it an emotive instrument!

Startone STS-75 Tenor Sax

From: 65,00
Deposit: €160 With the rich, powerful sound you tend to think of when you think of saxophones, the Startone STS-75 Tenor Sax is a pinnacle of classic style and function that makes for an exquisite instrument rental experience.
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Yamaha YAS 25 Alto Saxophone

From: 85,00
Deposit: €320
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  • You might need a Saxophone for  your event, concert or even wedding, renting a sax is far more cost effective and efficient for a once-off requirement.
  • Instruments are valuable, and traveling with an expensive Saxophone can incur extra costs such as insurance and baggage space. Renting a saxophone means that your precious sax can stay safely at home, while you are still able to play abroad or on vacation.
  • You are learning to play, but are not sure which saxophone to buy and want to practice or try out various brands before you decide and invest in your own personal instrument.

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