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All you need to know about renting a Guitar

We offer a large selection of quality guitars for rent for your event, private use or practice in Barcelona. Great guitar rental options for everyone, from beginner guitarists to professional musicians. Instrument Rental Barcelona provides Acoustic guitars for rent as well as Classical Guitars, Bass Guitars, Electric Guitars and Electro-Acoustic Guitars. We also have a selection of small guitars, including the dynamic Guitalele and the popular Ukulele.

Guitars are easily one of the most popular instruments in the world. No-one can mistake the melodic sounds of the Classical Spanish Guitar and Spain is synonymous with the unique twanging and rapid rhythms of the Flamenco guitar. Renting a guitar with Instrument Rental Barcelona is easy and cost-effective. Renting an instrument allows you to access the world of music without a huge initial investment. It gives you the freedom to travel and continue to practice or play. Renting an instrument is great for all your one-time musical needs. But which Guitar do you choose. Let’s have a look at each guitar type to help you decide which guitar is the one you rent!

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