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All you need to know about renting a Digital Piano

Technological advances mean digital pianos now sound and feel like classical acoustic pianos, but with the convenience of being portable and not requiring fine tuning. Added to this, they can easily be amplified or connected to headphones providing a whole host of opportunities for the modern day pianist, from volume control to recording your music. “Sampling” has been the key to unlocking the digital piano revolution, by giving each key played an authentic sound. Digital Pianos are stylish and often smaller than classical pianos, a comfortable option for those wishing to use them in an apartment or hotel.

  • A digital piano may be the perfect instrument for your event, concert or even wedding, renting a piano is far more cost effective and efficient for a once-off requirement.
  • You don’t want to bring your own piano with you on your travels, as they can get damaged, and airlines will charge you vast amounts to transport and insure your piano.
  • You are learning to play, but are not sure which piano to buy and want to practice or try out various brands before you decide and invest in your own personal instrument.

Our rental pianos are sleek and stylish. Our quality pianos include both trusted Yamaha and Casio makes ranging from those that can fit into a bag that is easy to carry by hand, and those that have the more traditional look and feel of a classical acoustic piano, with built in casing and stand. These require transportation via vehicle. We offer digital pianos for rent to beginners and more advanced pianos for musicians and events in Barcelona. Instrument Rental Barcelona rents digital pianos.

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