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All you need to know about renting a Cello

As one of the largest stringed instruments you’re liable to find onstage, the cello can seem an intimidating instrument, but listen for but a moment to the low power and the haunting beauty that they’re capable of, and you’ll understand why the cello experience is entirely worth it. A staple of orchestras and string quartets, the cello holds a resonant power that separates it from other stringed instruments, making it ideal for solo performances where you wish to command the stage. Don’t think it’s just a stodgy classical instrument, however; with the right treatment, the powerful bass of the cello can bring a furious intensity to even the hardest o f rock songs. Embrace what the cello has to offer in its size and power and you’ll create an unforgettable and unique stage presence unmatched by any other stringed instrument. With fine cellos made by companies like Cecilio, Crescent and Yamaha, among others, it’s not difficult to find the high quality cello that meets your needs. Whatever your style, however you choose to play, if you take to the stage with a cello, you will leave an impression.

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