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As one of the largest stringed instruments you’re liable to find onstage, the cello can seem an intimidating instrument, but listen for but a moment to the low power and the haunting beauty that they’re capable of, and you’ll understand why the cello experience is entirely worth it. A staple of orchestras and string quartets, the cello holds a resonant power that separates it from other stringed instruments, making it ideal for solo performances where you wish to command the stage. Don’t think it’s just a stodgy classical instrument, however; with the right treatment, the powerful bass of the cello can bring a furious intensity to even the hardest of rock songs. Embrace what the cello has to offer in its size and power and you’ll create an unforgettable and unique stage presence unmatched by any other stringed instrument. With fine cellos made by companies like Cecilio, Crescent and Yamaha, among others, it’s not difficult to find the high quality cello that meets your needs. Whatever your style, however you choose to play, if you take to the stage with a cello, you will leave an impression.m rental packages.

Thomann Classic Cello Set 3/4

From: 68,00
Deposit: €170 If you are looking for a rich yet inexpensive cello to get a start on, look no further than renting the Thomann Classic Cello set 3/4.
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Roth & Junius RJC5 4/4 Cello Set

From: 68,00
Deposit: €180 The Roth & Junius RJC5 4/4 Cello is a classic example of the power of stringed instruments.
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  • Rent a cello for your event, wedding or concert. This is extremely handy if you are just coming in to Barcelona for the event or even organizing the occasion for a bride or musicians. No one has to worry, and we can even provide transport to and from your location!
  • If you are a student or beginner, renting a cello can save you from making a bad investment in an expensive instrument. Get to know the instrument, and in the future you can make a better decision when purchasing your own cello. We even have teachers who could help advise you and offer fantastic discounts for children learning to play!
  • Flying with your cello can be a huge task! Ending up complicated and expensive, with extra insurance often required. Airlines may charge an extra seat ticket for your cello, because they take up room, and it is easy to damage your precious instrument in transit. Renting a cello while you are in Barcelona, can help you avoid these issues.
  • Studying abroad, and want to play an instrument while you are in the city? Maybe you have a cello at home but could not bring it with you to practice. Renting a cello in Barcelona means that you can do just this, it is cost effective with our short term or long term.

Our Rental Cellos

Our rental cellos are sleek and classic. All our quality violoncellos are trusted brands and can fit into a bag that is easy to carry by hand. We offer cellos for rent to beginners as well as advanced musicians for both practice and events in Barcelona. We also offer smaller cellos for children. Instrument Rental Barcelona rents cellos.