Instrument rental has never been as easy as this. Find out why renting an instrument in Barcelona could work for you with our easy guide and check out our amazing selection of instruments!

Has there ever been an instrument with a more popular feel and sound than the acoustic guitar? Portable, affordable and easy to learn, the guitar has been a standard among instruments for beginning musicians for generations for these reasons and more. Every acoustic guitar you come across has its own flavor and style made from unique high quality woods that can transport you to different times and places through the power of music. Perhaps you wish to jam on the Barcelona beach with friends, or take a trip to an old Spanish villa, singing around the campfire as the moon sets behind you.

At Shine Instrument Rental Barcelona, we offer a selection of both Acoustic and Electro Acoustic guitars. We have you covered if you prefer to play with amplification or not, and our team can answer your questions about what kind of guitar you might need.

Proel RSM180 BK Microphone Stand

From: 10,00
Deposit: €10
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Alto Truesonic TS312 Speakers Set

From: 81,00
Deposit: €290 The Truesonic TS312 kit is the perfect solution to get you ready for a mid-sized gig in a hurry, with no need to shop around.
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Shure SM58 Microphone

From: 10,00
Deposit: €40 The Shure SM58 is the single most popular vocal microphone in the world, setting the quality standard for all of its peers, and an absolute must-have for any professional vocalist.
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Fender Squire SA105 CE SB Sunburst Electro-Acoustic Guitar

From: 28,00
Deposit: €40 The SA105 CE is an electro-acoustic guitar capable of gorgeously warm tones both amplified and unplugged.
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Ibanez V72 Electro-Acoustic Guitar

From: 45,00
Deposit: €70 The Ibanez V72 Electro-Acoustic Guitar offers versatility and power with a soft, mellow sound, perfect if you’re looking to rent a more subtle electro-acoustic guitar.
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  • You require an acoustic guitar for an event, concert or wedding in Barcelona.
  • You don’t want to bring your own guitar with you on your travels, as they can get damaged, and often airlines will charge you to transport the guitar.
  • You are learning to play, but are not sure what style of acoustic guitar to buy and want to practice before you decide.
  • You want to jam with friends on a weekend in Barcelona and having a guitar is a key instrument.

Our Rental Acoustic Guitars

The acoustic guitar offers you all this freedom and more if only you’ll take a chance to pick one up. With dozens of manufacturers to choose from, including classics like Ibanez, Fender, Yamaha and Gibson, if you have interest in this instrument, there is one out there that will fit your personal tastes and style, allowing you the opportunity to express yourself as you have always wanted to. Instrument Rental Barcelona rents acoustic guitars.