As often as not, getting your instrument to your home or hotel can be a tricky thing in a city that you may be unfamiliar with. Having an instrument delivered removes the risk of damaging your instrument during transport. Many people opt to have their rental instruments delivered as it is convenient and cost-effective, especially for those who need an instrument outside of Barcelona. Instrument Rental Barcelona offers delivery options, both within Barcelona and up to 200km away from the city. So, if you are planning the perfect wedding at a village in the Catalan countryside, or can’t carry your electric guitar and amps on the subway, we can help your instruments arrive at your door hassle-free. All our delivery options are available during the rental and checkout process.

The installation and set-up of your rental instrument is another service that Instrument Rental Barcelona offers. Usually installation and set-up are case specific. Installation is most often necessary for our Yamaha YDP 163 digital pianos, or drum kits. Instrument rental set-up is most often required by event organizers who need all the instruments ready for musicians during their event or concert. The set-up of your rental instruments by our professional team, helps to facilitate your instrument rental experience by making it more efficient.