Why rent?
Music is an integral part of the Human experience. It has formed part of our culture for millennia, offering us a way of communicating, learning and sharing that is unique. Long considered an important part of our education, the study of music has been scientifically proven to aid things like concentration as well as offering not only a new way to express oneself but primary building blocks in knowledge and understanding. Renting an instrument offers a gateway into the world of sharing and enjoying music. If you are a parent, trying to encourage your child to experiment with music, or someone who has always dreamed of one day picking up a guitar or piano, renting an instrument allows you to skip ahead to the fun stuff. Renting means you don’t have to worry too much about the initial costs, giving yourself time to learn about your chosen instrument, and if it’s the one for you, before you invest in your own. Renting an instrument also allows you to change your level or course from one day to the next.  It opens up a world of instruments that you may have considered too complicated or expensive to try. Renting an instrument allows you to grow and adapt with your music, offering a flexibility without pressure.

Why Rent an Instrument in Barcelona?
Barcelona is a haven for musicians. It’s a city to inspire music lovers. Many people who consider renting instruments have travelled far to attend music lessons or one of the prestigious music schools Barcelona to further their studies. In many cases travelling with a large or expensive instrument is not an option. Others who want to rent an instrument may have just been inspired by the city, perhaps you attended a Spanish guitar recital or a Flamenco show, and want to rent a guitar for a crash course in Flamenco guitar. It could be the beginning of a musical love affair! Some people even attend intensive music courses in Barcelona during their summer break, and require rental instruments for this purpose. Barcelona is a top destination for weddings and events. You may need to rent a piano for your walk down the aisle or perhaps a guitar and drum kit for a weekend jam session on your holiday. If you are an events planner or co-ordinator, renting an instrument for your one-time musical needs is an obvious choice.

What to rent, how do you choose your instrument?
Deciding what instrument to choose may be difficult or easy depending on what you need it for. Are you student looking to try out an instrument or music style or musician that needs a superior instrument for their tour or gig? Are you looking for something budget-friendly, or do you require a specific instrument with a unique look or feel for your concert or photoshoot?

Who are you renting the instrument for? Whether you are renting an instrument for yourself or for a client, having a little knowledge about the kind of instrument you are interested in, goes a long way. Ask yourself or client the following questions to help you choose which instrument to rent. What requirements does the instrument need to fulfill – Portability? Sound? Type of Instrument? Does the instrument need any accessories, like amps or cables, a piano stool? Do I need a quality, basic – beginner instrument or a superior advanced- level instrument. Do I need to have my instrument delivered? Knowledge is key in renting the right instrument, and asking the correct questions will help you choose the right one. Each of our instruments comes with a handy description and you can always contact us to help you find the perfect instrument for your specific instrument rental.

What makes us different?
At Instrument Rental Barcelona you can stop your instrument rental at any time, you are not required to commit to long-term contracts. Our instruments are available for as little as 2 days or as monthly rentals which you can extend as long as there is availability of your preferred instrument. Our associated music school can advise on instrument purchases. All of our rentals are paid upfront and there are no hidden costs. If you are not satisfied with your rental, you can return it and we do our best to offer you a replacement rental. Instrument Rental Barcelona makes the rental process fast and easy. No need for back and forth emailing (unless you have very special instrument requests) most of our rentals are processed via our website. All transaction can be paid with a credit card, Bank Transfer or PayPal. We do not require proof of study or work or residence.

Renting an instrument can be a stress free alternative to purchasing an expensive instrument that requires regular services. All our instruments have a transparent upfront deposit fee. If the instrument is damaged beyond repair or lost, your deposit will cover the cost of repair or instrument replacement. There are no extra hidden costs. You will not be subjected to unknown bills at any point during the rental. Once your instrument has been assessed for damage upon return, your deposit fee will be returned or deducted accordingly. You will be kept informed at all times of the process.

Rent to buy
All of our instrument rental programs award you discounts if you choose to purchase an instrument at the end of your chosen rental period. Renting an instrument can inspire a lifetime commitment to music. At some point you will probably want to invest in your own. This is most often the case with students. Contact us to enquire. Our associated music school runs an instrument shop, specializing in guitars, and our professional music staff can help to advise on your first purchase.