Music, whether it’s just listening on your headphones or with friends and family to actually playing or practicing your instrument, can change your perception of the world! Both literally and figuratively! Science has long proven the benefits of both playing music, and listening to it. It has restorative powers, can sooth the soul or get you fired up! Playing an instrument improves concentration, develops your brain and helps with a slew of other important social skills. Dive in, and learn how you can see the world in a completely new light with the help of music!

Music changes your perception:
Music is not only able to affect your mood – listening to happy or sad music can even change the way we see the world

Music heals:
Chronic pain and depression can be alleviated by listening to music. Even your heartbeat adjusts a little to the sound you are hearing

Music makes you smart:
Studying music can improve cognition and enhance learning and memory

Music makes your brain strong:
The pet of your brain that deals with language and reason also deals with music, actively using this part of your brain while playing an instrument helps to develop these skills. Studying music physically changes your brain, and playing an instrument is a workout for your whole brain.

Music for kids:
Learning and playing an instrument develops a child’s imagination and intellectual curiosity.

Musical performance:
Plants grow faster, cows produce more milk, and you can run faster, all when listening to music.

Musical origins:
The word music comes from the ancient “Muses”, goddesses of the Arts in Greek mythology.

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