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At Shine Instrument Rental Spain we believe that music should be accessible to everyone. We provide affordable and easy access to musical instruments and equipment through sustainable, flexible rental options.

Shine Instrument Rental offers a curated selection of musical instruments, from pianos, guitars, ukuleles to drums, cellos, violins and everything in between, for rental in Spain.

Our top quality musical instruments and equipment are available for use at home, school, concerts, weddings, events, or just for fun. All our instruments are at your disposal for short term or long term rental. We specialize in instrument rental for kids, with childrens sizes in a variety of instruments. We also offer payment plans for those who wish to eventually buy their rental instrument. Students can  benefit from instrument rental discounts. Let us help you find the best instrument rental!

Our rental services are personalised and can be custom tailored to your needs. We offer delivery to your location or you can pick up your instrument at one of our studios in Spain.

Shine Music Rental gives you the world of music at your fingertips, providing you the freedom to try a variety of instruments like never before! With us you can flexibly rent and use musical instruments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as if they were yours. You no longer have to pay top prices for quality instruments or brands. You don’t have to commit to any one instrument either, choose to rent a violin today or the drums next week. You can experience more, while remaining sustainable, and enjoy your music without the cost or burden of long term investment.

We have years of experience in the music industry. Our friendly rental team is happy to advise on any specific instrument or answer any of your musical queries. Our clients love our attention to detail and our adaptability.

We offer affordable instrument rental rates, with no long-term commitments, easy contract renewal options, all bringing you a sustainable and flexible way to immerse yourself in the enjoyable world of music.

Shine Rentals is affiliated with the Shine School of Music, which was the first specialized guitar school in Barcelona. We have access to qualified and experienced musicians and teachers, with extensive musical knowledge.

Our expertise in musical instrument rentals means that you can start playing music now! What instrument would you like to rent today?

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Take advantage of these excellent special.
Shine Music


Take advantage of these excellent special.

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